What is a BIM Manager?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

What is a BIM Manager?

There are a lot of interpretations in the industry about what a BIM Manager exactly is. Many professionals are providing their own definition and most of them are saying there isn’t significant clarity about the term.

To understand what BIM Managers are we need to dive into the meaning of BIM. You can learn more about What is BIM, here.

BIM is Building Information Modeling. When we are talking about “building” it doesn’t mean the building that is being constructed, but more about the building creating process. So, easily we can change the name of the title to Creating of Information Model, hence Creating Information Management. These principles could be applied to infrastructure, manufacturing, and any other construction-related industry.

So, what does the BIM Manager do?

Even today, regardless of all the development of technology, the construction industry remains very traditional. Taking that under consideration demands to be delivered new technology and innovations, in order to create an effective supply chain through the project life-cycle. So, this is the role of the BIM Manager. He is not responsible only for tracking and tackling the information but most importantly - for implementing innovation.

There are different objectives for each particular stakeholder. For instance, the objectives for an architect would be different than those for manufacturers, developers, or contractors. Therefore, the main task of the BIM Manager is to create an innovative vision for the particular supply-chain, focused on their needs.

Who is a successful BIM Manager?

Each Manager would have different points of view and different aspects tackled for their niche. So, that would bring different results. In order to achieve a successful output, the BIM Manager should have two types of skills. Like any manager, the BIM one should possess soft skills such as change management, people management, bright mindset, and establishing processes. On the other hand, he should also have technical skills, so he could understand what kind of technology there is and how to use it properly.

Hence, a good BIM Manager brings a combination of both types of skills together, in order to achieve fast and sufficient results. He is responsible for monitoring the overall systems and programs, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and bring an innovative way of improvement into the whole process.

Who can become a BIM Manager?

To become a BIM Manager is good to have overall experience and knowledge about the software. It’s not enough just to know one, for instance, Revit. The BIM Manager is someone who is familiar with the whole workflow from beginning to end. Someone who knows how to go from the initial stages (doing the simple modeling) to adding elements and making the model more complex, and most importantly how to pull out information from that model, which is the whole idea of BIM (Building Information Modeling).

How much money does a BIM Manager earn?

It depends on which country you are operating in. Currently because of the Pandemic situation with CoronaVirus (Covid-19) the salary range is lower than usual for all industries. Of course, the building industry is not much different. According to glassdoor.com, the average base salary is $57.400/yr for the US (and in general for the world), and £48,243 / yr for the UK. Depending on the company and the project scale it could increase up to $88K.

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