TOP 5 Free Plugins for Revit

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

After the great interest from your end to our video 3 Great Plugins for Revit, we've decided to present you more plugin options you can use for free.

These are the BEST 5 Free Plugins for Revit, we've selected for you. We've summarized very helpful details and information. Keep reading and you will find out:

  • The Pros and Cons of each Revit Plugin;

  • How they can boost your productivity;

  • Direct links for FREE downloading;

  • Layer Management Multi-category Tag file for FREE Download - that we've prepared specially for you

1. Auto Section Box

by COINS -> Product link Free Download

A great tool that allows you to create 3D section boxes around the selected elements. You can simply select a couple of objects in a floor plan or a section and Auto Section Box will allow you to instantly view them in a 3D Section Box.


- Extremely Quick;

- Easy to Use;

- Allows better collaboration ;


- Sometimes the section boxes can be larger depending on the objects you are selecting;

- It makes it easy to override default 3D which can be annoying at times;

- It does not have a function to create 3D section box just with the boundaries of the selection box (the 3D is based on the selected components);

2. Layer Management

by Engipedia -> Product link Free Download

This tools allows you to create automated shared parameters of your system families (e.g. Walls, Floors, Roofs). Simply with a click you can bring all the system family structure details into your Type Properties as a Shared Parameter.

File Location: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\EngipediaLayersManager.bundle\Contents\Engipedia-SharedParameters.txt

Free Download the Multi-category Tag file


- Excellent for representation (2D and 3D);

- Allows additional level of filtering in schedules;

- Quick Workflow;


- It does not have a function to automatically delete the created shared parameters;

- You cannot filter only certain walls / floors / roofs to contain these shared parameters;

- It requires you to create a special Multi-Category Tag with the new Shared Parameters;

3. SheetLink (Excel Import/Export)

by DiRoots -> Product link Free Download


- An easy way to work and preview schedules;

- Creating schedules with quick selection filters;

- Exporting / Importing directly to excel;


- Some data was missing in the preview;

- Certain functions dis- and mis-functioning at times;

- Sometimes makes Revit to crash (e.g. when connecting it to Google Drive);

4. Align

by BIM 42 -> Product link Free Download

An additional align features similar to the Adobe Illsutrator or similar vector programs. It allows you to align selected components in multiple orders of organization.


- Super fast;

- A lot of options to align components;

- Shortcuts can be assigned;


- Cannot be moved into the Modify Tab, which makes it hard to navigate

- Limited options to align tags and does not have great control over the elbows

- No advanced settings (One-click functions only)

5. Master Purger

by Hippo BIM -> Product link Free Download

This tool allows you to remove with a single click all of the:

  • Unplaced views (floor plans, ceiling plans, sections, elevations, 3d views, drafting views, structural views, area plans);

  • Legends;

  • Schedules;

  • Imported/linked CAD files;

  • Unplaced Rooms;

  • Unplaced Spaces.


- Quick Purger that allows to purge multiple things with a single click;

- Easy to read and preview essential details prior to purging (removing);

- Has an option to analyze all the dimension prior to purging;


- Lacks filtering tools (only manual locking);

- Missing an EXCEL import feature to update the selections after Exporting it and working it out in EXCEL;

- Dimension analyzes is a slow process;

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