How to Use Point Cloud Data as an Architect or Engineer

Updated: Apr 13

Point Cloud data could be used by Architects and Engineers to generate As-built/Existing Project Information. This information can be created either by converting the Point Cloud data into traditional 2D Documentation or by creating a BIM Model. Learn more about What is a Point Cloud

Creating 2D Traditional Documentation.

If we have a 2D CAD drawing generated from the Point Cloud information, what actually happens is that we are cutting the building horizontally and vertically, and tracing this cut data. The advantage here is that the process is faster, as well it brings very accurate information on the cut. But they're not the only pros to this working process. The disadvantage is that you don’t know what data you have exactly when you move within the sections. For instance, you will not know what happens if you move 1 meter to the right and 1 meter to the left, or more, or if you move your floor plan up or down.

What is the difference between the 2D Drawing Documentation and the BIM Information Model

This is the main difference between 2D documentation and creating the BIM Information Model. The BIM Model contains all the digital information of the existing building. It contains all the construction information and ensures the accuracy of the building (read more about how the accuracy is defined). At the same time, all the 2D information can be extracted from the digital model. So, everything is interlinked to each other and the design could directly be imposed on the model. This means that the design and construction process will go smoothly because the design is coordinated with the built drawings.

Phases of using the BIM Model

You can use multiple phases when the Building Information Model is used. On the different phases could be:

  • created as-built building in an existing model;

  • created a new construction.

  • demolished parts of the existing building and add new additions in the construction phase, as well as temporary items.

And all of this data could be visualized within one single source. See the images below

New Construction

How using the BIM Model will improve your work

Using the BIM Model will allow you to:

  • Visualize and review the complex and unconventional shapes within the building;

  • Improve your decision-making process because it allows you to see your building data in a more advanced and true way;

  • Save you time and cost because you will not need to visit the site again and again if you forgot some details to be captured or additional measurements to be taken;

  • Increase the accuracy in comparison to the traditional workflow;

  • Make your construction process go smoothly because the design is directly interlinked with the as-build (existing) model;

  • Enhance the level of collaboration because the building information and digital model could be shared between the stakeholders efficiently.

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