Does the size (of BIM) matter?

Updated: Apr 13

There is a conception that BIM is only for large scale projects. Is this related to the truth? The short answer is “no”. And with the following, we would try to explain why BIM could be used equally and efficiently in both large and small projects.

When we have a Large scale project we will have:

  • Larger Team;

  • Larger Budgets;

  • Longer Time Period.

With the large project the methods, procedures, and strategies would be totally different than the smaller project.

For Small scale projects will we will need:

  • Smaller Team;

  • Smaller Budget ;

  • Shorter Period of Time.

The common between the large and small scale projects is the goal. Even though the size does not matter, the important thing here is the improvement of:

  • Collaboration;

  • Communication;

  • Process;

  • Workflow;

  • Quality of deliverables;

  • Eliminate or minimize the waste;

  • Decrease the Time Period;

  • Reduce production and construction costs.

If we compare the Project Size and BIM benefits vs the Time and the Effort needed within the project, we would be seeing clearly the differences. So, what would be the scale of BIM implementation, depends on your goals. Of course, for larger projects, you will need bigger investments and time to fulfill the project, but then the return on investment will be higher as well. With the smaller projects, you will have smaller goals to achieve. This means you will need a lower investment and a shorter time to finish it. Therefore, the return on investment (ROI) corresponds to BIM and Project Objectives.

So, Big BIM or Small BIM - depends on your goals, project scale, and the results you want to achieve.

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