• Hasan Yumer

3D printed masks - fighiting COVID-19 together

Architects mobilise to make coronavirus face shields for hospital workers. Architects across America including BIG, KPF and Handel Architects have teamed up as part of an open-source project to manufacture face shields to protect hospital workers treating coronavirus patients.

Firms across the country are using their own 3D printers and laser cutters to make the visors, which are being delivered to hospitals for distribution to front-line medical staff amid shortages of the safety devices.

Many of the architects are basing their visors on open-source files created by Erik Cederberg of Swedish 3D-printing company 3DVerkstan. The simple design consists of a laser-cut clear plastic shield that covers the face and a printed visor band that fits across the user's forehead. For more information, read the article : https://www.dezeen.com/…/american-architects-coronavirus-f…/

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