BIM Implementation

BIM is a methodology that includes technology, process, and policies enabling stakeholders to collaboratively design, construct and operate a facility in a virtual space. 

IntegratedBIM will develop a tailored BIM implementation plan that takes you from your current workflow setup to the level of BIM you desire.

  • Increase workflow efficiency

  • Collaborate / coordinate accuratly

  • Stay up to date with the industry


Incresease worflow efficiency

Project data, drawings, views, and documentations are all generated in the 3D BIM Model.


Schedules and

Bill of Quantities 





Team members can access project data, drawings, views, and documentation once published to the common data environment.

Traditional Information Sharing Method

Collaboration within the Common Data Environment



Working in BIM gives your the spatial awareness to avoid clashes and coordinate accurately with other discipines. 




mep Model




Collaborate with

other disciplines


Clash detection


Three common challenges with BIM implementation

Lack of Experience


Lack of experience leads to time-consuming searching activities and expensive consultation fees.


Implementation can be disruptive


A tailored strategy mitigate setbacks in office productivity.

Determining what applies to your organization's goals.

Leveraging external experience helps guide you through all unrelated information.

To carry out BIM in an efficient way, an intelligent approach must be taken.

Integrated BIM is fully capable and ready to assist your organization during its transition into BIM.