IntegratedBIM develops high quality integrated Asset BIM models for any end user or organization. Our skilled team provides professional, accurate BIM models tailored to you, your organization or personal requirements.

  • Reduce Rework

  • Streamline Design Changes

  • Collaborate Efficiently



  • BIM and Project Management

- Better understanding of design projects from beginning to end

- Increase occupancy and use rates

  • BIM Implementation & Training

- BIM Implementation Strategy (long- & short-term), Standards & Best Practices Development, Change Management, Training Plan, Supply Chain Evaluation, etc.


Existing constrcution

  • Laser Scan Survey

- allows measuring accuracy up to 1mm in order to reduce construction issues, cost and manual labor


  • Existing BIM Model

- ​Provides analysis of building systems, alternative materials, equipment, and technologies which leads to more informed decision-making

- Identifies constructability conflicts and that reduces overall project delivery times for design and construction.

- Facilitates the analysis of sustainable design alternatives and cost comparisons.



  • Construction Documentation BIM Model

- Increased productivity and prefabrication​ for faster on-site construction time

- Stronger facility management allows easier building handover

- Reduced cost and mitigated risk follows improved scheduling/sequencing 




  • BIM Modelling & Management

- Design optimization and coordination allows faster delivery

- Environmental analysis for a holistic and harmonious design

- Defining shape, form and relationship​ within the project gives the opportunity for unique and award-winning projects

- Revealing light and shadows for accurate light and thermal analysis


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