Construction Modelling

IntegratedBIM develops high quality integrated construction models for contractors and clients in the AEC industry. Our skilled team provides professional, accurate BIM models tailored to you, your organization or project requirements.

  • Simplify communication with project stakeholders

  • Access project data

  • Collaborate Efficiently



The Construction BIM Model allows you to view all the data and documentation directly from a single source

The Traditional way of information sharing leaves too much room for error


Missing data

Unexpected complications

Bids lost

Efforts wasted in rework

Extracting information from a shared BIM model environment

The 3D BIM Modelling process mitigates missing data

3D examination of your project and tasks

Increased bid accuracy with model-based bidding

Clear visualization of the project



Predictability and greater control

Visualize unforeseen constructability obstacles

Improve scheduling/sequencing 

Send and receive clear feedback 

Develop a more accurate tender

Reduce conflicts



extract Data

The Construction BIM Model gives you a central forum to place requests for information, analyze changes, predict unforeseen errors and determine constructability. The data-rich BIM Model allows you to extract drawings, reports and information from which to develop your cost estimates, timeframe and fabrication plan

cost analysis



Tender/bill of quantity submissions

Clash/error detection

Request for information


Change orders


Quality and Constructability

2d & 3d construction and fabrication drawings


and Coordination

The Construction BIM Model gives you a platform to comment, ask questions and provide feedback related to your construction project.

These notes can be published to your entire project team or to specific members (ex. subcontractors, consultants, engineers).





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