Integrated BIM is an international team that includes designers, engineers, BIM and project managers who have been delivering design and building information modelling and management services worldwide since 2015. 


Our mission is to reduce conflicts in projects while maintaining fluent communication, collaboration, and information sharing. We have been successful at reducing construction and production costs for projects by 5-20%, while delivering them at a higher quality, faster speed, and with more accurate deliverables.


BIM has been a treasure in the AEC Industry, and our team has the talent and commitment to tailor every project in order to exploit its maximum potential. Our services are structured to benefit every single stakeholder, as well as increase the quality and collaboration for a project. Integrated Design Studios collaborates worldwide with architects and engineers, management streams, contractors and subcontractors, developers and clients, and facility managers to achieve a higher success rate and return on investments for all of our projects.



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Kudos to a well-done job. In particular, attention to details and extremely cooperative team. The perfect team for long term association of large projects.




BIM Informed Professional (BIP)


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Our team involve accredited BIM Managers and BIM Level 2 Certified Professionals, who uses international standards and best practices to achieve successful outcomes.

The primary documents and standards that we use are: 

ISO 19650, ISO 19650-1, ISO 19650-2, PAS 1192-3:2014, BS 1192-4:2014, PAS 1192-5:2015, PAS 1192-6:2018, BS 8536-1:2015, BS 8536-2:2016, CIC BIM Protocol, Government Soft Landings, Uniclass 2015, and Digital Plan of Works.

The supporting documents and standards that we use are: 

BS1192, BS7004, PAS91, BS8541 Series.