Construction Timeline and

Cost Simulation

IntegratedBIM provides high-quality 4D and 5D services for BIM users in the AEC industry. Our skilled team develops professional, accurate data-rich BIM models tailored to you, your organization or project requirements.

  • Create automatic construction schedules

  • Increase bid accuracy

  • Manage resources more efficiently


4d - construction timeline

The 4D - Construction Timeline service involves associating time-related information to different components of an information model, this data generates accurate timeline information and task sequencing. 
For a specific element or work area, this data could include details on the lead time, construction and installation period, curing and drying allowances, sequencing or its interdependencies with other elements or work areas.


5d - cost analysis

The 5D - Cost Simulation service involves linking costing data to support cost planning and generate estimates.
The graphical nature of the information stored in the information model allows cost managers to easily quantify components on a project and apply rates to those quantities to develop a cost for the development.